Supersets are a great intensity technique and are excellent for both building mass while bulking and quality while cutting. The question of which is better, pre-exhaust (an isolation exercise followed by a compound exercise), or post-activation (a compound exercise followed by an isolation exercise) is difficult to answer. Both methods have merit. Pre-exhaust allows you to pre-fatigue the target muscle first, and then when it fails, continue the bombardment with a compound movement that utilizes assisting muscles. Post-activation, by starting with a heavy compound exercise (usually 4-5 reps are used), stimulates the nervous system, which allows the isolation exercise that follows to activate more muscle fibers than it usually would. Since both of these methods have their own unique advantages i suggest that you use both techniques for a period of time. Utilize pre-exhaust for 4-6 weeks, and then post-activation for 4-6 weeks. Follow that with 8-12 weeks where no supersets are used. This will give you the best of both worlds while preventing boredom, stagnation, and burnout.

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