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Each “GP Primo” tablet contains 50mg of Methenolone Acetate. GP Primo is available in a sachet of 20 tablets. GP Primo Tabs are indicated in the treatment of refractory deficient red cell production anemias. These may include aplastic anemia, myelofibrosis, myelosclerosis, agnogenic myeloid metaplasia, and hypoplastic anemias caused by malignancy or myelotoxic drugs

Pharmaceutical Name: GP Primo tabs
Chemical name: Methenolone Acetate
Chem. Abstr. Name:
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight: 362.9798

Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Methenolone Acetate
Pack: 20 tablets (50 mg/tab)

GP Primo tabs is an oral steroid manufactured by Geneza Pharmaceuticals which contains active substance called Methenolone Acetate. GP Primo contains 50mg per tab of the hormone Methenolone Acetate. GP Primo promote muscle growth, defined and do not provoke a lot of side effects.

GP Primo tabs is an ester derivative of methenolone often called Primobolan, When it interacts with the aromatase enzyme it does not form any estrogens. It is used by people who are very susceptible to estrogenic side effects, having lower estrogenic properties than nandrolone. Methenolone, in form of enanthate and acetate, is available as an injection or as an oral respectively. Methenolone is not 17-alpha-alkylated, but 1-methylated for oral bioavailability. This reduces the stress on the liver, but also the availability. It is considered one of the safer steroids, meaning it has few side effects. GP Primo Tabs has no estrogenic side effects, and its effects on cholesterol levels are minimal. In doses of 200 mg per week or less (intramuscular) blood pressure is rarely altered. It is possibly one of the safer anabolic steroids for females due to very low virilization effects in short-term usage. GP Primo (Methenolone Acetate) is also not overly suppressive of the HPTA axis, although how suppressive is debatable. For this reason, many bodybuilders use it in between steroid cycles during their "off-time" to help maintain their gains and strength. The long term safety of such a practice possibly dangerous and can lead to permanent suppression of the HPTA.

Side Effects :

Since GP Primo tabs is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) an acceleration in hair loss can occur in those with genetic receding hair lines, but was rarely noted. GP Primo (Primobolan) tabs has been used medically to reduce breast tumors, with a success rate of about a third , so it can be safely assumed that no anti-estrogen products would be necessary. The use of Finasteride, Dutesteride, or another anti-hair-loss product may be useful, however, as GP Primo Tabs has a bad reputation for causing Alopecia. It is also important to note that although the androgenic component of GP Primo (Primobolan) tabs is low, side effects are still possible. One may therefore notice oily skin and acne. Methenolone Acetate is toxic to the liver, especially the oral versions, although the toxicity is gradual and slight.

Dosage :

GP Primo tabs used most by women and steroid novices because they do not aromatize or cause water retention. Women who utilized 50-100mg daily of this drug seldom noted virilizing side effects. Most report a distinct harder look and a 3-4 LB muscle mass gain in 6-8 weeks. Obviously many females also stacked GP Primo (Primobolan) tabs with other drugs to heighten results. Males normally ingested 100-200 mg daily in 2-4 divided doses (due to short half-life 4-6 daily divided dosages were more effective at maintaining plasma concentrations of the active drug) and report fair gains.

Product Description
Primobol is a mild anabolic with extremely low androgenic activity, meaning that there is only a minimal chance of typical steroid side-effects. It does not convert to estrogen and, therefore, estrogen-caused water retention and fat deposition will not occur from using it. Primobol increases the conversion of protein to lean muscle tissue through its anabolic activity. Because primobol has virtually no androgen (i.e., masculinizing) effects, it can generally be used safely by women.

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