Physical Side Effects :

These are some of the physical side effects associated with steroid use. As you can see these drugs can affect the body in a very negative way. Despite all of these proven side effects people are still taking steroids. These side effects may not appear in all users at first. It is likely though with the long term usage of steroids that one or more of these side effects will occur in the user. These can be minor changes in the body and they can be extreme changes. It all depends on the dosage and duration of the usage. These are very good examples of why not to take steroids. Doctors are still discovering new side effects today, and there are still a lot of unknown problems with the newer more advanced steroids that will turn up. The trouble is people are taking steroids to look better and get stronger, faster, and quicker with no effort. What they are actually getting is a body that is like a time bomb waiting to explode. These drugs may help you look good for a short period of time, but they are also destroying the users body.

Physiological side effects

These are the psychological side effects associated with steroid use. The use of steroids can lead to a persons whole personality changing. The users testosterone levels are at amazingly high levels-so high that they become a danger to themselves and others. Users of steroids have been known to pick fights for no reason, attack family members, and kill people. With the roid rages, changes in moods, depression, and psychosis users are mentally unstable. They can harm or kill themselves, and people around them. There have been many cases of suicide and homicide related to the use of steroids. These are the side effects that should concern people the most because this no longer just involves the users, but also the people around him.

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