Heavy-light routine
Select three ab exercises, all using resistance, for example:
1. Kneeling cable crunch
2. Weighted stability ball crunch
3. Supine Ab crunch machine

Perform three sets of each exercise. Every other workout, change repetition range as follows:

Workout A: (light) 15-25 reps, tempo 1011
Workout strong (heavy) 8-12 reps, tempo 2022

Tempo (seconds)
2 eccentric
0 pause in stretch pos
2 concentric
2 pause in contracted position

Superset routine
1. Hanging knee up 2-3 sets X 15-25 reps superset to:
2. Kneeling cable crunch 2-3 sets X 15-25 reps

3. Reverse Crunch 2-3 sets X 15-25 reps superset to:
4. Crunch with feet on bench 2-3 sets X 15-25 reps

Tri-set routine
1. Hanging Leg raise 3 sets X 15-25 reps no rest, go directly to:
2. Hanging Knee Up 3 sets X 15-25 reps no rest, go directly to:
3. Weighted supine crunch 3 sets X 15-25 reps rest 60 seconds, repeat for a total of three tri-sets

The Ultimate Killer Ab Routine (giant set)
1. Hanging straight leg raise 15-25 reps
2. Hanging knee ups 15-25 reps or as many as possible
3. Hip lift 15-25 reps
4. Reverse crunches 15-25 reps
5. Weighted supine crunch 15-25 reps
6. Bodyweight crunches 15-25 reps

Each sequence of six exercises is one giant set. Rest 60 тАУ 90 seconds after you finish exercise #6, then repeat for a total of three circuits. (if you can get through three circuits of this routine with strict form, including hitting 25 strict leg raises and 25 knee strict knee ups, you are in elite company) Good luck!

These eight principles and the sample routines are just the tip of the iceberg in my ab training arsenal but it's all I have time for in this newsletter. However, this should be more than enough ammo for you to begin an all out assault on your abs.

If you employ these techniques in conjunction with a supportive fat loss nutrition and cardio program such as Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM), your abs will come in so fast it will almost scare you!

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